Have you noticed how crazy people in America & Europe are about Victoria’s Secret? Teens and tweens are particularly into their fragrances – which are as popular và extensive as their lingerie line. Once I tried it out, I realized what all the hype was about: it is lượt thích a gift to lớn yourself. I have tried many of Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists, and today I will tell you about Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body Mist.

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About the product: 

A crooked smile, flirty wink, and an innocent blush – Victoria’s Secret has bottled the heart-racing feeling one gets from seduction in this sumptuous body toàn thân mist that has delicate floral notes and delicious fruity notes. Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist is a body mist made to lớn mix và blend with other fragrances to create custom scents or lớn be used alone for a scent of Red Plum and Freesia. Infused with conditioning Aloe Vera & calming Chamomile.

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My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body toàn thân Mist

Pure Seduction fragrance is available as part of the Victoria’s Secret Secret Garden Collection. The hàng hóa is available in a 250 ml cylindrical plastic bottle. Initially, I thought that the bottle was dark or ruby pink, but then after using it for a while, I realized that it is actually the perfume that has color!

The cap is tall và round in a glazing golden color, which gives the sản phẩm a classic alluring look. The perfume nozzle is also golden.

The brand và fragrance name is printed in gold on the bottle & along the neck of the cap. I am particularly fond of the curvy font used for the fragrance’s name – it complements the theme of the fragrance. 



The company, later on, changed the product packaging. Currently, it is a flatter bottle with a small plain plastic cap, and the nozzle has also been made with plastic. There is also floral printing on the back of the bottle. The bottles no longer have the grandeur look that they previously had. The new packaging is, however, more travel-friendly than the older model. But I will stick khổng lồ the older model!

The perfume is infused with aloe vera & chamomile essence. The aloe vera is meant khổng lồ be moisturizing, but I guess that’s not completely necessary for a fragrance. 

Pure Seduction is a thắm thiết fragrance: it gives you a vibe of a candlelight dinner date somewhere fancy. The scent is a set of red plum, sweet melon, and freesia. It leaves you smelling sweet và fruity. The perfume is a blend of fruity & floral, but it just has a slight floral tone. 

Pure seduction is one of the most popular fragrances of the brand. I always feel lượt thích I smell very sweet and girly when I use this fragrance (like strawberries or raspberries). I am not particularly fond of this for everyday use because of this very reason. Usually, I prefer it for a brunch or dinner date but not when I go for classes. 

Maybe inappropriate, but men seem khổng lồ be particularly fond of the fragrance. I know a couple of guys who could identify the fragrance every time I had it on. So I guess it does justice lớn the name. *awkward laugh*

I have read review that the fragrance stays on for 6-7 hours. But in my case, it stays for a maximum of 3-4 hours. So I guess this is a debatable matter. This is what matters the most to me about the product. As you should know, the price tag of Victoria’s Secret is quite high. The fact that such a pricey product lasts only for a few hours is so sad! I had been a fan of their fragrance, Bombshell, which gave me a pleasant smell that lasted for a long time, và it is an all-time favorite of mine. So this was a huge flaw for me personally. 

You also need khổng lồ be careful about the amount of perfume you apply. Since it never lasts for me, I sometimes used more perfume & ended up getting nauseous from the smell. Fair warning, the fruity smell is not for everyone – it can be a little too strong. 

In case you are planning to go out on a lazy Sunday morning in a pretty summer dress & dark burgundy lips, this would be the perfect fragrance to lớn complete the look & feel! Or it also works if you are, you know, a very girly girl. 


Sweet và fruity smellGives an alluring và sexy smellTravel-friendly packaging (latest model)Suitable for a girly feel


ExpensiveDoesn’t last longSmells too strong & can get nauseating