Many beauty brands have pushed me their vi-ta-min C serums khổng lồ try, but I’ve never really gotten to lớn actually using one (because there are a million other beauty things khổng lồ go through!) But recently, I’ve had some industry friends tell me about how these serums have made their skin brighter, firmer, & smoother — & just when I started to feel a little dull myself (my skin, that is).

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What is it about vi-ta-min C that is good for our skin? Fact: it is a potent anti-oxidant that reduces pigmentation (like sun spots and age spots, not so much red spots from acne scars), & it also promotes collagen production, which results in skin more elastic and firmer, & ultimately looking healthier and younger.

Last month I visited Dr. Georgia Lee’s clinic for my regular skin checkup, & I mentioned khổng lồ one of her staff doctors that I was going to try a vi-ta-min C serum. Her first response was lớn ask if it was the one from Vichy. What a coincidence; it was. It seems like Vichy — at least in Singapore — has a famous vi-ta-min C product. & this is it:


Vichy’s Liftactiv vitamin C Freshshot is a 10ml bottle of 15% pure vitamin C that is used over 10 days. & after those 10 days, skin is supposed to get firmer, brighter và have fewer fine lines. I’m definitely all for that if it works — và if there aren’t any adverse reactions lượt thích a breakout…

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: The instructions say, “place 4-5 drops on the palm of your hand, then use fingertips to apply khổng lồ a clean, dry face (avoiding the eye và lip areas)”. It’s a pretty lightweight liquid that is less tacky than many serums I’ve tried, and it actually absorbed into my palm rather quickly, so I had to move fast. I was patting it on to lớn my nose, cheeks, & cheekbones (where I have a few sun spots that I could definitely vày without). The liquid gets absorbed by the skin very quickly, so I found it easier lớn pat the sản phẩm in, rather than smooth it across the skin. In fact, I “dotted” my fingertip with a drop, and patted it directly on to lớn specific darker spots on my face. The skin feels a tad sticky after application, & it started to lớn tingle a few seconds later. This is my first time using a dedicated vi-ta-min C serum, so the tingle took me by surprise. The tingle is very mild though, và now I understand why they keep repeating in the instructions khổng lồ avoid the eye area.

WHICH STEP? I used this serum (Vichy Liftactiv vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector) after a booster (Chanel Blue Serum) & lotion (Three Balancing Lotion), and before moisturiser (Three Balancing Emulsion). NOTE: The Vichy instructions using this vitamin C serum after a booster, or on its own before sunscreen & moisturiser.

APPLICATION NOTES: This little 10ml bottle is meant to be used just once a day, và is a 10-day shot. That means 1ml a day, though I suspect I might have applied twice that amount on my first try. The brand also using this treatment two lớn three times a year. I clarified this further, và this serum can actually be used every day as well (but that’s going to get a bit pricey).

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POST APPLICATION NOTES: When using vi-ta-min C on the skin, the skin does a bit sensitive, và so sunscreen is very important, and so is staying out of the sun if you can.

DAY 5: It’s day five of my vi-ta-min C treatment, & I can actually see that my skin is getting brighter…!!! The few spots of pigmentation on my cheek & cheekbone are still there (and pretty obvious without makeup), but those spots have been there for years. I’d be amazed if anything out of a bottle can make them disappear. Also, that tingly feeling I first had only happened the very first time I applied the serum; perhaps my skin is now used to lớn the product.

DAY 10: 10 days are over và that major sun spot on my cheekbone appears evidently lighter! I’m impressed that this serum works. Let me rephrase that… I wasn’t expecting it lớn fail, but I have realistic expectations when it lớn skincare, and I didn’t think anything could happen in 10 days.


I looked into the ingredients that went into this hàng hóa (I love to scrutinise ingredients), and a few things stood out for me: it contains 15% pure vi-ta-min C (one of the highest concentrations), natural origin fragmented Hyaluronic Acid (this is a key ingredient for plumpness & hydration of skin), & has a pH value of 2.5, which is deemed as the most optimal for effective sản phẩm penetration into skin. There are also no unnecessary ingredients lượt thích fragrances, colorants, silicons, parabens & texturising agents, & the formula is hypoallergenic too. So far everything sounds very safe, and like any good vi-ta-min C serum, Vichy also did the táo bị cắn dở test:

VERDICT: I’d this for someone who thinks their skin looks a little dull. This 10-day booster will make skin glow! It’s also good for smoothing out fine lines and even for those with slightly more sensitive skin (but remember, it’s still important to vị a patch test!). I particularly like that the formula is hypoallergenic and with the brand’s sensitive skin standards, và includes 0.2% Natural Neohesperidine — a soothing that reduces inflammation. If you’re willing lớn invest, then I’d say, consider using this for a longer period of time (a month, which is about 3 bottles!), & really see a difference in skin elasticity & fine lines.

GOOD khổng lồ NOTE: This is vi-ta-min C at the kết thúc of the day, and there are many vitamin C serums khổng lồ consider; but the one from Vichy gives pretty immediate results, and I lượt thích that it in a small 10ml bottle. With vitamin C, once you xuất hiện the bottle, you need lớn use it up within 30 days at least — because of the nature of it; it oxidises and doesn’t stay stable for long. You’ll notice that the Vichy bottle is brown (the good ones are), và that’s lớn keep out light in order to keep the hàng hóa inside as fresh as possible.