What is the best thai Visa for someone wanting to stay in Thailand? Is it the Thai Elite Visa, bầu Retirement Visa, đất nước thái lan Marriage Visa, or a Non-immigrant Business Visa? This featured article will offer a comprehensive look into the world of xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan visas for foreigners wishing khổng lồ live in Thailand.

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I have been working in the field of thai immigration for the last 12 years. I started out working the night shift in the thủ đô bangkok thái lan headquarters for Thailand’s largest network of law offices. My responsibilities were lớn chat with visitors online & receive telephone inquiries to guide foreigners regarding which was the best thai Visa for their travel to lớn Thailand. I received calls & chats from nearly every country in the world. Each night I would consult with people from around the world who desired immigration advice for their upcoming long stay in Thailand. Nowadays, I lead the customer service team for bầu Immigration in the thủ đô bangkok thái lan law firm. I often speak to lớn 15 to đôi mươi people a day offering immigration advice for entering Thailand.

It is interesting to note that bầu visa issuance policies change almost on a monthly basis. When I am trang chủ at night I will often read the forums and blogs trying to stay on đứng đầu of the latest experiences of persons who have made visa applications for xứ sở nụ cười thái lan at the bầu Embassies and Consulates around the world. About ten years ago it was commonplace for foreigners khổng lồ obtain a 1-year multiple-entry xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện visa by post within their trang chủ country using an invitation letter from a bầu Company. However, bầu Embassies restricted that practice, first in the UK, then in Australia, & finally in the US for the 1-year bầu Visas.


Thai Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa given lớn the xứ sở nụ cười thái lan Privilege thẻ members. It is categorized under Tourist Visa (Privilege Entry Visa “PE”) allowing residency in xứ sở nụ cười thái lan along with benefits for a period between 5, 10, or đôi mươi years depending on the chosen package in exchange for a membership fee.

The thai Elite Visa is a 5-year renewable multiple entry visa with an extendable 1-year length of stay per each entry. The thai Elite visa holder can have an uninterrupted stay in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện without the usual need lớn leave the country every 90 days as with the other visa types. The Elite Visa holder will be represented by the thai Elite staff on the 90-day reporting as required by bầu Immigration. Bầu Elite Visa holders will receive expedited immigration formalities và passport control processing when arriving in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan

Thai Elite Visa Qualifications

The applicant/member must have & maintain to have the following qualifications:

Holder of a foreign passport Being allowed lớn stay in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan in accordance with the immigration laws, which means the applicant has no overstay record in vương quốc nụ cười No age limit is required for this program apart from the Elite Ultimate Privilege (Grand Package) which requires khổng lồ be at least 20 years old Not having been sentenced by a judgment to lớn imprisonment in any country except for an offense committed khổng lồ negligence Not having been adjudicated bankrupt Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence

The application for the bầu Elite Privilege card membership & the thai Elite Visa may take 1 to 3 months.

Free Consultation

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Thai Elite Visa Cost

The bầu Elite Visa cost is based on the membership program. There are different membership programs available for bầu Elite Visa, each varying in validity, benefits, and cost, as follows:

Elite Easy Access thai Elite Visa validity of 5 years It costs 600,000 thai baht with no annual fee You have an option khổng lồ upgrade to Elite Ultimate Privilege No age restriction; members can be any age Elite Family Excursion (minimum 2 persons) bầu Elite Visa validity of 5 years It costs 800,000 bầu baht with no annual fee (2 persons) For additional family thành viên there is a fee of 300,000 bầu baht Elite Family Alternative Membership validity of 10 years The Elite Visa validity of 5 years & renewable for another 5 years It costs 800,000 bầu baht with no annual fee (main applicant) For additional family member there is a fee of 700,000 bầu baht Elite Privilege Access Membership validity of 10 years The Elite Visa validity of 5 years and renewable for another 5 years It costs 1,000,000 THB with no annual fee For additional family thành viên there is a fee of 800,000 bầu baht No age restriction; members can be of any age Elite Superiority Extension Membership validity of trăng tròn years It costs 1 million thai baht with no annual fee The Elite Visa validity of 5 years và renewable for another 5 years (4 sets of 5-year multi-entry visa) Elite Ultimate Privilege Membership validity of of 20 years It costs 2.14 million bầu baht with annual fee of 21,400 thai baht The Elite Visa validity of 5 years và renewable for another 5 years (4 sets of 5-year multi-entry visa) Members must be over trăng tròn years old Elite Family Premium Applicable only lớn family members of Elite Ultimate Privilege members Membership fee of 1 million thai baht with an annual fee of 10,000 bầu baht Membership and Thai Elite Visa validity will be based on the membership and visa validity of the Elite Ultimate Privilege family member Visa is renewable after 5 years (4 sets of 5-year multi-entry visa)


How khổng lồ Apply for bầu Elite Visa

Transfer of Membership Fee When the applicant has passed a background check and the application has been approved, the applicant will be instructed to lớn transfer the membership fee. The membership fee ranges from 600,000 bầu baht khổng lồ 2 million bầu baht depending on the membership package the applicant has applied for. The payment for the membership fee can be made through a ngân hàng transfer. Membership Acceptance After completing the payment or ngân hàng transfer, the applicant will receive the Membership ID and instruction on how to receive the visa. Visa Issuance The thai Elite member can affix the bầu Elite visa at the bầu embassy or consulate in his/her respective country. The applicant has to lớn drop off his/her passport & come back to collect it on another day at the bầu embassy. If it is not convenient for the applicant to lớn apply through the thai embassy, it is also possible that the applicant obtains the thai Elite Visa upon arrival in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện at Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, this option is unavailable during the COVID-19 travel restriction. In case the thai Elite member is in Thailand, the thai Elite agent may arrange the visa issuance at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thai Elite Visa?

The thai Elite Visa is a special visa introduced in 2003 by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that aims lớn attract affluent visitors, businessmen, investors, & expats to stay in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan long-term. It is a visa classified as a Privilege Entry Visa that is valid for 5 years with multiple entries without having to deal with so much paperwork or visits to lớn the immigration office. The thai Elite Visa holder will be allowed to stay in the country for up khổng lồ 1 year on each visit.

How long is the bầu Elite Visa application process?

The thái lan Elite Membership and Thai Elite Visa application process may take 3 weeks lớn 2 months depending on the nationality of the applicant và in case of immigration or criminal record of the applicant.

bởi vì any thai Elite application documents need a notary stamp or to lớn be certified?

No. It is not required for the bầu Elite Visa application forms & copy of passport to be notarised or to be certified. A scanned copy sent through email or photocopy of these documents is sufficient.

What is the passport validity that is required for this Elite visa process?

Ideally, you need to lớn have at least 5 years remaining in the validity of your passport. However, in case you have less than 5 years, the bầu Embassy or Immigration Bureau will affix the bầu Elite Visas based on the expiration date stated in your passport. The remaining validity of your visa will then be affixed khổng lồ your new passport. It is also good to cảnh báo that you need khổng lồ have at least 3 blank pages in your passport.

vì chưng I have to appear in person for the thai Elite application?

No, it is not required lớn personally appear during the thai Elite membership application. You will be represented by a sales agent during the membership application. However, your presence is required during the issuance of the visa whether it is at the bầu Embassy abroad, at Suvarnabhumi airport, or at the bangkok immigration office.

What are the required documents for application for the thai Elite Visa?

The required documents for the application for the bầu Elite membership are a copy of the profile page of your passport, a colored ID photo with white background, duly accomplished bầu Elite Visa application form, and copy of proof of relationship for any family thành viên applying with the main applicant.

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Is there an income requirement lớn hold the bầu Elite visa?

There is no income requirement khổng lồ hold the thai Elite Visa. The applicant only needs to lớn pay the membership fee which will range from 600,000 thai baht khổng lồ 2 million thai baht. Although there is no income requirement, one of the requirements to lớn qualify as a thành viên is that the applicant has not been adjudicated bankrupt.

How does the bầu Elite visa differ from the thai Retirement visa?

The thai Elite Visa differs from the retirement visa in such a way that the financial requirement or membership fee is non-refundable. The financial requirement for a retirement visa is deposited in the visa holder’s bank account as his/her own savings. The retirement visa must be renewed every year whereas the thai Elite visa does not need khổng lồ be renewed every year. Both thai Elite Visa and Retirement Visa require 90-day address reporting.

vì chưng I have to pay income taxes in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan as a thai Elite visa holder?

The bầu Elite Visa is a privilege visa which falls under the special tourist visa or privilege entry category. The bầu Elite Visa holder does not need khổng lồ pay income taxes especially when the income was derived abroad. There are instances where a thai Elite Visa holder may voluntarily pay income tax in Thailand.

Can bầu Elite Visa holders buy real estate in Thailand?

Just like other foreigners, bầu Elite Visa holders can own condominiums in their own name. If applicants wish to lớn acquire land và build a house, they can obtain a long-term lease on the land (for up khổng lồ 30 years). They will need to lớn apply for a construction permit to build the house in their own name. This way applicants can own the house and have a secured long-term lease on the land.


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Type of Long-Term thai Visas for Foreigners

Here are other types of long term bầu visas available to foreigners who wish lớn live or move lớn Thailand:

thai Retirement Visa

This type of long term thai visa is popular among retirees aged more than 50 years old. There are 3 types of retirement visa, namely:

Non-immigrant O visa extended into a Retirement visa Non-immigrant OA visa valid for 1 year Non-Immigrant OX visa valid for 5 years

Both the non-immigrant OA and OX are issued only by the bầu Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. The applicant must meet the financial requirement of 800,000 THB savings in their bank account for the Non-Immigrant OA visa and 3 million baht for the Non-immigrant OX visa, or the required monthly income, together with the criminal record check, medical certificate, và health insurance.

For the Non-immigrant O visa, it is valid for 90 days và it can be issued by the bầu consulate or embassy from the country of residence or it can be issued in Thailand. Once the applicant receives this visa, he/she must xuất hiện a ngân hàng account in vương quốc của nụ cười and transfer the required funds of 800,000 THB. After 2 months, the applicant may convert lớn a retirement visa which is valid for 1 year. This type of retirement visa does not require a criminal background check, medical certificate, và health insurance. The extension of stay will be issued at the local immigration office of the applicant.

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thai Marriage Visa

The thai marriage visa is best suited lớn foreigners who are married lớn a bầu national. The marriage must be registered or reported in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện in order to obtain the visa. The application starts by obtaining the non–immigrant O visa from the thai embassy or consulate abroad or in Thailand. After obtaining the non-immigrant O visa, the applicant may convert this visa into a 1-year marriage visa at the local immigration office. The applicant will be required khổng lồ meet the financial requirement of having 400,000 THB savings in a Thai ngân hàng account or having 40,000 THB monthly income transferred into a Thai tài khoản or verified by the foreign embassy of the applicant. The marriage visa is valid for 1 year & it can be renewed annually in Thailand.

thai Business visa

The non-immigrant B visa can be issued based on two purposes of stay:

Foreigners who wish to lớn set up or conduct business in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện should apply for a thai Non-Immigrant B visa under the “business” category. The applicant will be required to lớn have a sponsorship from a bầu business partner or bầu entity. The visa holder may stay in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan for a maximum of 90 days per entry. Foreigners who intend khổng lồ work in xứ sở nụ cười thái lan should apply for an initial 90-Day Non-Immigrant B visa from their trang chủ country under the “employment” category. The applicant will be required khổng lồ present a WP3 letter from the Labour Department when applying for the visa. After arriving in Thailand, the work permit application takes place during the initial 90 days given through the initial visa. Once a valid work permit is obtained, the applicant then applies for the one-year extension of stay inside vương quốc nụ cười and it can be renewed in đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan every year. bầu SMART Visa

The thailand SMART Visa is a new type of visa specially designed to attract highly skilled manpower, investors, executives, & startup entrepreneurs wishing to work or invest in the following targeted industries in the Kingdom of Thailand. There are 4 categories of the SMART Visa namely:

SMART Talent Visa (T) which is available to lớn science and technology experts who earn 200,000 baht per month and are employed by one of the ten targeted industries. SMART Investor Visa (I) which is available khổng lồ investors who make a direct investment of trăng tròn million baht into companies that use công nghệ in their manufacturing process or deliver services. These companies also must be in one of the ten targeted industries. SMART Executive Visa (E) which is available to lớn senior managers that have at least a Bachelor’s degree, ten years of work experience, và are earning a minimum of 200,000 baht per month. Similar lớn the SMART T và I Visas, senior managers must be employed by companies in one of the ten targeted industries. SMART Startup Visa (S) which is for entrepreneurs looking to lớn start a business in Thailand. Lớn be eligible for this visa, you must deposit 600,000 baht in Thailand, have health insurance, & set up a company in one of the ten targeted industries within your first year.

Each of these four SMART Visas comes with a danh mục of benefits, such as maximum 4-year permission to lớn stay, one-year check-ins at immigration (instead of every ninety days), work eligibility for spouses & children without the need for work permits, & no re-entry permits. The interested applicant for these visas should get in touch with the BOI thái lan or đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan Board of Investment.

How to lớn Enter đất nước thái lan During COVID-19?

Due khổng lồ the travel restrictions put in place by the bầu government since March last year, it would be difficult to enter vương quốc của những nụ cười during this pandemic. The situation is still unstable so the government policies on the visas are changing & this causes confusion lớn the foreigners both visitors or long-term expats in Thailand. To lớn be able lớn ease the confusion, I have created the website pages: COVID-19 Guide for Travelers to and in vương quốc của nụ cười and Can you enter đất nước thái lan now during the COVID-19 Crisis? that may provide up-to-date information khổng lồ travelers stranded in vương quốc của nụ cười and those who wish lớn travel to lớn Thailand.

Recently, I also added the đất nước xinh đẹp thái lan Special Tourist Visa page. I remember a woman in Tokyo who checks our page every day khổng lồ get new information about her being able khổng lồ enter vương quốc của nụ cười and there’s also a lady who has an elderly father stranded in vương quốc của nụ cười and was so scared that he may not be able to lớn extend his visa amnesty. Having the opportunity lớn answer people’s questions và provide them the correct information và comfort during this difficult time is a rewarding experience & a great opportunity.


The visas I have enumerated on this page would allow you to lớn travel and enter xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan with ease during this time or even after this pandemic. Should you be interested in any of these bầu visas or you seek professional advice on which visa is best suited for you, please do not hesitate to tương tác us. You may ask your question on the web form above or on the bình luận section below.