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Exceptional academic programs, applied learning opportunities, and world-renowned faculty are only part of what makes the experience unparalleled. Your hopes, dreams and ideas are important khổng lồ us. We strive lớn provide you with an environment where creativity is nurtured and intellect grows. is a student centered, applied research university. That means we are dedicated lớn making sure you achieve your goals và graduate with skills for success. You will not only graduate with a diploma, you will enter the real world with experience that makes you stand out above the rest.

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College of Education và Behavioral SciencesCollege of Health & Human ServicesGordon Ford College of BusinessOgden College of Science và EngineeringPotter College of Arts và Letters

“Having the opportunity khổng lồ be a part of several different communities at has strengthened my personal & professional development. In the process of working with several communities, I’ve learned how lớn put myself in other people’s shoes & understand the experience and perspective of others. The ability lớn see và understand the perspective of others is one of the strongest skills I’ve gained as a college student.”

— Avery Wells, Junior from Louisville, KY

Bowling Green, KY

Located in the heart of Kentucky"s third-largest city, our hilltop campus is a place of beauty và friendliness. Whether you"re looking khổng lồ explore the natural world, walk lớn a restaurant downtown, or catch a sporting event, Bowling Green has a variety of attractions for students and their families khổng lồ enjoy. Additionally, Bowling Green is located approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville, making it easy to lớn travel to other regional destinations.

In addition to the campus in Bowling Green,’s Regional Campuses in Elizabethtown/Ft. Knox, Glasgow, Owensboro, & Somerset bring our academic programs, continuing education & professional development programs to you.

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“The opportunities at are endless! I chased storms in a meteorology field course last summer, & I’ve had the chance khổng lồ provide on-site forecasting for the Special Olympics in Orlando and the Chicago Marathon. These hands-on opportunities contributed to my forecasting skills và will help me khổng lồ stand out when applying for jobs in meteorology.”

— Cassie Campbell, Senior from Marissa, IL
Intercultural Student Engagement CenterMahurin Honors CollegeStudy Abroad & Global LearningResearch & Creative Activity

Rewarding Hard Work và Increasing Access

Most of’s merit scholarships are based on high school GPA instead of standardized thử nghiệm scores. Explore the many scholarship opportunities available khổng lồ you at

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“’s scholarship program offers merit scholarships based on GPA, so I was able to receive scholarship offers just by applying lớn the university. I also loved the TOPDollar scholarship application which allowed me to tìm kiếm and apply for additional scholarships. The TOPDollar scholarship portal is how I found the Rosella Isbell Scholarship! For me, this was the scholarship that helped me decide khổng lồ attend”

— Jada Scott, Sophomore from Nicholasville, KY

View from the Hill: black History Month Opening Ceremony

Date Posted: February 02, 2023

The national theme of đen History Month 2023 is black Resistance. That was highlighted at Wednesday night’s opening ceremony at’s Amy Bingham has more in this week’s View from the... to lớn celebrate đen History Month 2023

Date Posted: February 01, 2023"s celebration of đen History Month 2023 will begin February 1.... Forensics Team wins at Gorlok Gala

Date Posted: January 31, 2023

The Forensics Team captured first place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate at the 25th annual Gorlok Gala, hosted by Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, January 27-29....