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Is this the most innovative sunscreen, ever?

That’s what I asked when I tried South Korean brand, Nature Republic’s Ice Puff Sun sunscreen. At first, when Nature Republic sent me this product, I was a


bit confused. The entire product is bright, cheddar yellow, comes in a canister that resembles Cheez Wiz, và looks exactly lượt thích what you’d find at your next Super Bowl party. But at closer examination, this hàng hóa was so much more. It’s the Bop It of beauty products: The vị trí cao nhất twists, the cap opens up, và you can press it down lượt thích a pump.

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What did this all mean? And how TF was this actual sunscreen?


Unlike most SPFs, which come as creams, sprays, or gels, this one comes in aerosol form. You simply twist the cap once to the right, xuất hiện the top, take out the cushion, & pump. Pumping allows the actual sunscreen khổng lồ not only soak the cushion, but to keep it extremely cold. Icy, even. Anyone who’s used an aerosol mist knows how freezing cold the bottle actually becomes. That’s because the propellant evaporates inside the container khổng lồ maintain a constant pressure.


The formula includes provence calendula flower extract, which Nature Republic says helps sooth irritated or sun-damaged skin. It also has Hawaiian deep sea water from the Coast of Kona, natural minerals Nature Republic claims is used for nourishing your skin. Finally, there’s hyaluronic acid lớn keep the skin moisturized, bouncy và plump, while also reducing appearance of any wrinkles.

And that’s the genius of this product. When you pump the bottle, a freezing cold substance soaks the cushion, which you then dab onto your face much lượt thích you would a compact. You then place the hàng hóa all over your face, allowing your pores khổng lồ soak the icy liquid in.

Initial thoughts

I’ll admit at first try, using this product was a very eye-opening experience. For one, I was completely shocked when the icy substance first hit my skin. I mean, I read that it was cooling, but I wasn’t expecting it to be completely lượt thích ice cubes splatted on my face. Not a bad experience at all, but uncomfortable if you’re not expecting it.

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After testing for an entire week, I felt it completely soothed my sun-kissed face, beaten và battered by intense sunlight (especially here in Colorado where I am for a wedding. Since the elevation is higher, we’re closer to sunlight, meaning, the UV rays are more extreme.) I totally understood just why a hàng hóa would want to instantly cool your skin. Not only does it help with inflammation, it also allows your skin to calm the f*** down, especially if it’s been damaged or burned by sunlight.

The best use for me were the under eyes. Mine get super puffy & tired in the mornings. My dark circles are also even more pronounced since I’m getting a little older. I’ve used the cushion compact và the icy substance on my under eye bags. I place it there for a good 5-10 seconds and it instantly depuffs them. It’s the same with any other part of my face I feel is a little swollen from the night before.


The formula that I had also had a small bit of tinted moisturizer inside. There’s also one that comes without any tinted moisturizer, for those who don’t needed any coverage. For Koreans who need that boost of color, it’s absolutely a smart & easy way to get the benefits of a BB cream while also getting your sunscreen needs. But I was disappointed to lớn hear how there was only one shade. Meaning, if you are a fairer complexion, or darker, this wouldn’t quite work for you. At all. When I asked Nature Republic about this, they did say they were rolling our with more colors in the near future.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely. It’s probably the most innovative sunscreen I’ve ever use, period. It’s especially amazing for these upcoming summer months, especially as the sun’s rays will piercing into your pores. Fear not. With this Cheez Wiz of a bottle, you’ll be able to lớn soothe your skin to completely beat the heat.