The best way to lớn enjoy Hanoi và its fantastic skyline are to lớn head to one of the many rooftop bars or cocktail bars, where not only can you enjoy panoramic views but also sip on a delicious cocktail of your choice. If spirits aren"t your poison, there are natural wine bars that are much more fun & mellow. Here are some of the most popular và awe-inspiring places in Hanoi that you don"t want khổng lồ miss.

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Rooftop Bars

Terraco sky bar


On the rooftop of La Sinfonía del Rey khách sạn building is a beautiful rooftop bar, Terraco Sky Bar. Famous for its 360-degree view of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, & Turtle Tower, 3 of Hanoi"s most popular attractions. With an attractive drink thực đơn from cocktails, mocktails, beers, mixed drinks,...and a very chill outdoor space, this place is just lượt thích heaven for everyone.

Give these pink-toned, aesthetically pleasing cocktails, Whilst Lavensky & Bougainvillea, a try. Bougainvillea has foam on top, a flavor of lemon that is slightly acidic, and a rosemary aroma, Whilst Lavensky is a little lighter và contains lychee syrup. Oh, & order a mix of snack and cheese mixes with your cocktails. It will improve your mood more.

Address: 5pm - 12am

Opening Hours: Tầng 8, số 33-35 hàng Dầu, trả Kiếm, Hà Nội

La Lune Rooftop


La Lune Rooftop, which is situated on the top floor of the Mai Anh Tuan building, captures everyone"s attention with its stunning views of Hoang Cau Lake & the high-speed train line. The fact that this place is spacious & has dim enough lighting to allow you lớn enjoy music and the wind while still being able khổng lồ see the night sky is astounding. More specifically, the bartender makes cocktails based on your tastes; just make your request and you"ll have the special, emotionally rich glass of your choice straight immediately. Sweet Dream (red) and The Night are suggested (blue). Visit La Lune at dusk to enjoy beverages, Chilies Fries, & the breathtaking scenery.

In addition, every Wednesday & Sunday night often has live music, a lively and fun atmosphere for anyone who wants lớn relieve găng or simply wants a new feeling or a place lớn gather và meet friends. The best part? Drinks and food prices are fantastic, bringing your favorites to lớn pair with cocktails. Here you can simply order a lemon-flavored cocktail for less than $2 và enjoy a comfortable sitting space watching the sunset over Hanoi.

Address: 15h-24h

Opening Hours: Số 2 Mai Anh Tuấn, Đống Đa, Hà Nội

Paradise Rooftop


A new stopover simulated in a gentle and chill style for couples or a soul full of dreams. Paradise created is located on the 9th floor with a lovely view facing West Lake. Spacious và airy space, multi-dimensional LED kiến thiết with moderate light creates a friendly feeling for everyone.

Come with an open mind và be ready for an adventure with your drink menu. The thực đơn is full of cocktails và wines at very affordable prices from 69,000 VND lớn 89,000 VND ranging from Classic Cocktails (Whisky Coke, Gin Tonic, Pink Lady) lớn Modern Cocktails (Paradise, Butterfly Effect, Hachiko) or Mocktails (Babyboo, blue Life Sweetheart). In addition, the food is also an exciting play on the super local Hanoi classics, including (fried spring rolls, french fries, cottage cheese,...) I can"t resist.

Address: Tầng 9, toà bên số 93 Thuỵ Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

Opening Hours:16:00-23:00

Zero Point


Located in the center of cg cầu giấy district, precariously on the 9th floor with a 270-degree view, Zero Point has always been a fascinating experience. It is famous for the moment of sunset slowly drifting before our eyes. Although there is only one floor và not too wide, every tiny corner in the siêu thị is beautiful and gentle. If you are looking for a place to lớn date that is chill và not too noisy, Zero Point will be a good choice.

Good wine helps lớn relax the soul. Zero Point is confident with excellent cocktail recipes from emotion lớn taste when the wine blends with the tip of the lips and the tongue. You can taste Signature Cocktails, Classic Cocktails, or Mixed Drinks according to lớn the taste you want the friendly Bartenders to make. Feeling hungry? You can choose from an array of snacks to lớn simple dishes with traditional flavors on the food menu.

Address: 10am - 2am

Opening Hours: Tầng 9 33/165 mong Giấy, Hà Nội

Moonlight Sky Bar


One of the newest kids in the Hoan Kiem district is Moonlight Sky bar and also a super hàng hóa in the high-class sky bar chain of Vietnam"s leading boutique hotel group (EHG). A rooftop bar promises lớn give you an expensive view from all directions, zooming in on the impressive panorama of Hanoi with the sitting point on the đứng top two floors of La Siesta Classic Ma May hotel. The bar is located in the center & stands out, where the spectacular cocktail performances of the most skilled bartenders are shown.

Need help choosing from Cocktails? Just consult any one of the friendly staff; the bar is looked after by professional bartenders, perfect for making the proper recommendations. A few quick hints, the sweet Sistema Solera from chocolate & pineapple, the refreshing Red River from cinnamon & strawberry, the fresh Old Quater from lemongrass & thyme, và more. Please enjoy slowly, because maybe you will discover many exciting aftertastes from these Cocktails.

Address: 5pm - 12am

Opening Hours: 94 Mã Mây, trả Kiếm, Hà Nội.

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Cocktail Bars

The Alchemist

From the corner on the short street of Nguyen quang quẻ Bich, The Alchemist is hidden with special ancient features meticulously designed in the old European style, which is what you would expect from a high-class cocktail bar. Prominent in the space of the bar is a bar with a rich display of exceptional wines under attractive golden light, where the bartenders perform eye-catching mixing techniques. With its chất lượng creative recipes & great-tasting cocktails, The Alchemist is known for its herbal odor of Gin Tonic, which is addictive because of its layered flavor profile, & the legendary Rusty Nail, which has become a classic in the minds of cocktail lovers. With equal parts vodka, coffee liqueur, & half of the heavy cream, this cocktail offers a surprising balance, complemented by beautiful decoration.

This place is like a paradise for wine connoisseurs và lovers of cultural experiences or historical stories about cocktails. If it"s a rainy day, the atmosphere seems to become even more romantic when enjoying soft jazz và classical music in the cozy space of Alchemist.

Address: 7pm - 1am

Opening Hours: 25 chén Sứ, hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Gallery Bespoke Cocktail Bar

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi"s Old Quarter, Gallery Bespoke Cocktail Bar is a bar inspired by the nightclub design early nineteenth century. Here your eyes will touch the vibe between the particular decoration style of the bar when you see the luxurious interior kiến thiết in harmony with the poetic wall paintings. The bar is a highlight with various alcohol brands signalling an exciting drink menu for you.

Modernist with a nostalgic Hanoi soul, Gallery Bespoke Cocktail Bar is the intersection of art & bold wine flavors. Here you can enjoy tastes from Classic to lớn Modern cocktails & alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. In addition, Gallery also specializes in self-distilling quality ingredients such as Arabica Coffee Aged Rum with coffee flavor or Earl Gray Tea Anejo Rum with earl flavor that promises you a taste lượt thích no other.

Address: 9am - 2am

Opening Hours: 95 Phùng Hưng, hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Funtasia Cocktail & Wine Bar

It"s a new dawn for Funtasia Cocktail và Wine Bar. like a diamond in the rough found late among many other old bars, Funtasia Cocktail và Wine Bar shines in its own way, where nameless sorrows need lớn be released và where you can immerse yourself in enjoying delicious cocktails and forget your way home. But what is really special is their clear focus on the drink menu và the mood of the customers. Here you can find your own drink as the bartenders skillfully add a little spice lớn your emotions as a quality flavoring.

However, the bar coordinates can turn you into some weird detective if you come here for the first time. Lớn get inside Funtasia, you need khổng lồ go through the beautiful flower stalls & walk through the colorful & fragrant aisles until you come across the greeting "How are you today" which is when you officially go into the world of Fantasia Cocktail và Wine Bar. It"s a discovery as exciting as their cocktails.

Address: 6pm - 2am

Opening Hours: số 4 Tông Đản, hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

The Haflington

Inspired by ancient British museums, the Haflington features a warm deep brown wood tone and an elegantly sophisticated design.

When you visit, it"s easy to become lost in the garden of the adventurous cocktail menu, notably the well-known Tropical Cocktail, but always let the flavor of fresh herbs take your imagination to new heights. Any occasion calls for a refreshing drink lượt thích Jungle Bird, with its aromatic leaves, tropical fruits, & pleasantly sour, sweet, and bitter flavor. As you sip a light rum cocktail blended with coffee, fruit, & ginger soda, you"ll feel as though you"re in a forest at dawn with the first rays of the sun.

Address: 94 hàng Mã, hoàn Kiếm, TP. Hà Nội

Opening Hours: Open from 3PM

Polite và Co

One of Hanoi"s oldest cocktail bars, Polite và Co, has been operating for 27 years. Without a doubt, it"s a destination for fans of classic flavors, where you can sample a special drink with Hanoi"s distinctive characteristics that helped Vietnam build itself as a renowned cocktail powerhouse. The most well-known of them is "The Street Vendor," which wows with the flavor of fruit and floral notes combined with a cảm ứng of gin lớn recreate the lovely splendor of the old street in the center of Hanoi. The Polite và Co Cocktail menu series included drinks like the Lychee Martini, Sea Squid Ink Martini, Classic Martini (Gin/Vodka), and Fresh Brew Espresso Martini, which came next.

Drink a light cocktail as calming jazz music can soothe your soul and fill the room. The retro aesthetic of the 1900s may be seen in Polite & Co. The decor is basic but appears as opulent as the dapper gentlemen of the 1920s. More than 500 different types of alcohol are available in the expanded bar area, which may satisfy even the pickiest customers.